“Security Solutions & Services”

System Implementation

Initial Layout & Walk-through

Our team at S-Core Technologies will work with you to determine the best plan for your project. We will indicate devices at doors, cameras, and head-end equipment, requirements for power and data, and electrified hardware types required for your system. Our engineers, designers, technicians, and on-site personnel will then work together to determine the system goals and objectives, along with the best ways to achieve them.

Installation Plans, Specs, and Value Engineering

After reviewing our engineering and design recommendations, we will produce a comprehensive set of installation plans and specs for the project. We never cut corners on our drawings and provide detailed device plan layouts, riser drawings, door elevations, equipment control elevations, detailed writing diagrams, and specifications for all peripheral devices. We are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to system and equipment costs, potential pitfalls throughout the process, and how to avoid them and stay on track. We make sure that all of our clients get the greatest possible value for every dollar spent, whether they are spending hundreds or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Installation and System Implementation

The implementation process is monitored by S-Core’s Project Manager and completed by several team members. Implementation begins with a “kick-off” meeting to review the project scope, plans and specs, budget, timeline, materials and equipment, engineering and other pertinent information with team members prior to order of equipment. After the project kick-off, the PM sets weekly meetings at which time team members report progress, discuss issues, and generally provide information necessary to keep the project on track and moving forward. Installation continues with meetings as required, field inspections, coordination of subcontractors and other trades, cabling, device mounting and terminations.

System Programming

S-Core’s Technical Support Specialists can perform system programming remotely or locally, whichever is more convenient for you. We can perform “complete” system programming of any system or very specific programming as needed. Custom script writing or custom reports can be created to meet unique customer requirements.

Commissioning & Testing

System commissioning occurs toward the end of the project. Once all equipment is installed, programmed and is tested for functionality and performance per the customer’s requirement.


After all of the devices are thoroughly tested to ensure their quality and effectiveness, S-Core Technologies can provide end-user training to ensure that the customer fully understands the system protocols, capabilities, and the administrative basics.