“Security Solutions & Services”

Engineering & Design

The engineering and design processes the S-Core Technologies team uses are inextricably linked. Our skilled engineers and designers will assess your application and develop the best solutions for your project. All of our work is completed in-house by experienced staff. We will come up with security solutions that are both innovative and tried-and-true to ensure that you are satisfied with the result. We typically use a layered integrated security protection plan, as they provide multiple levels of protection for higher security and greater effectiveness.

Next, our designers and engineers work side by side to create incredibly detailed drawings that will include site plans, device layouts, riser diagrams, door elevations, equipment control elevations, detailed writing diagrams, and specifications for all peripheral devices. Our engineering plans are designed to remove any question marks from your mind or the installation process to ensure that the remainder of the process runs as planned. Our drawing packages are unparalleled and valued by our customers and technicians alike.

As part of the engineering and design process, we also will prepare acceptance test plans, perform additional risk assessments if necessary, and develop specific project specifications.